My 10 favourite things, October Edition

This is probably the easiest way for me to establish a presence on this blog. It’s a fairly typical thing now for bloggers to do, and I figure since we’re still in the getting-to-know-you stage, I would share some of the things I’m really digging right now. October was a big, life-changing month for me, and there were so many things that went into it that it’s hard to pick just 10 things that made this month to die for.

I suppose I should attach a disclaimer that none of these are sponsored — but hey, wouldn’t that be sweet? Getting paid to talk about how much I like something? Media people — drop me a line.

Anyway, on with the love.

  1. I recently watched a short film, The External World. Very surreal, absurd and at times quite dark. Not recommended for everyone, but definitely fills the “something different” quota. I’ll add a bit of a trigger warning that there is an animated depiction of self-harm and several death scenes.
  2. My go-to perfume two years ago was LUSH’s “The Smell of Freedom” solid perfume. I recently found a tube I thought was long gone — this is why I love changing coats for the season! “The Smell of Freedom” is a great scent that isn’t too girly (I could just as easily smell it on a man), falls somewhere between fruity and woody and definitely fits the relaxed but chipper mood I’ve been in lately. (Note: I can’t find the solid online — perhaps it’s not available anymore?)
  3. I’m obsessed with septum piercings and will be finally getting mine done this coming Saturday.
  4. I think I’ve mentioned this to everyone I know that I took my first trip to Hamilton a few weeks ago. For the somewhat rough reputation it has, I found myself totally digging Hamilton’s downtown, especially this coffee shop.
  5. I’ve made these before, but it’s a way more fall-friendly recipe — Oh She Glows’ black bean and butternut squash burritos. My mom surprised me with a fridge full of fresh veggies from her local farm, and there was a butternut squash the size of my quad. Needless to say, my fridge is still bursting.
  6. Okay, this is from far earlier in the year, but this month, Kiesza’s video for “Hideaway” has gotten a few more plays than usual from me lately. Why? Well, my Halloween costume tomorrow might give that away.
  7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Matte) in NSFW. I’ve always been a tinted lip balm kind of girl and have never enjoyed makeup that drew attention to any particular feature (besides my cheekbones sometimes). I’ve always been told that the “right red” is out there for everyone, and I’m happy to report that after 25 years, I have found that “right red.”
  8. Tofu and potato scrambles (this is the best one I ever made) with my new favourite sauce, the Jamie Oliver Chilli Garlic Pesto.
  9. My friend just about jumped through the roof when he found out that I’ve never had real dumplings before (only frozen grocery store dumplings). After the Thanksgiving dust settled, we meandered over to Mother’s Dumplings in Chinatown. You’ve probably already heard of it, but I’m still digging it like I discovered it.
  10. SquareSpace’s new spot featuring free-solo climber Alex Honnold. This video definitely seems made for non-climbers, but for those of you who want a bit of an insight into our world, it’s a cool concept. Not for the faint of heart!

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Proud Canadian. Long arms. Tiny head. Big dreams. CBC. Longboards. Bicycles. Upper Jarvis. Ballet. Acrobatics. Top-roping. Stemming. Smearing. Lip balm. Early mornings. Double-layered socks. Tea time.
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