My easy Halloween costume


Last year, I went so all-out with Halloween that my Mom and I were sewing up until ten minutes before kids started showing up at the door. I was Finn from Adventure Time and even had my dog, Tessie, with me because she looks like Jake.

I’ve always taken Halloween very seriously, and I’m always the girl who tries really hard to get a cool, pop-culture-y costume. This year I went back and forth for months (I start planning really early!) between Louise from Bob’s Burgers, Grumpy Cat, Red from OITNB… well, the list grew every day.

I mentioned that “Hideaway” had been my jam all summer — not just the song but the video as well. I’m not normally a music video girl, but I loved the uber-90s dancing and style of “Hideaway.” I was curious because Kiesza has a similar dance background to mine (ballet, tap and jazz) and really loved the old school locking. It was a huge treat to learn the choreography in a workshop this summer (it’s so much harder than it looks!), and from that moment on I was hooked on the idea of being Kiesza.

No one else at the office is dressed up (there’s only four of us) and I have to change into “nice” clothes after to get ready for a play I’m going to, but this costume was still totally worth it — when else are you going to get to wear a bra and suspenders to work and no one can say anything?

Happy Hallowiener!


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Proud Canadian. Long arms. Tiny head. Big dreams. CBC. Longboards. Bicycles. Upper Jarvis. Ballet. Acrobatics. Top-roping. Stemming. Smearing. Lip balm. Early mornings. Double-layered socks. Tea time.
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