Ten reasons I love winter more than fall — and so should you!

Yesterday’s blog post was a little heavy, don’t you think? And while I think it’s important to talk about those not-so-pretty parts of your life, today I think I’m doing everyone, self-included, a favour by talking about something I love:


Oooh, I was such a cute, helpful little marshmallow!


Yep, that’s right, the girl who wears a jacket inside her office and turns her seat warmers on in October loves Winter.

I think it’s totally possible to be prone to the shivers and still love winter. I’m certain being raised in a town with a record low of -47ºC had a hand in that.

But in case you haven’t been paying attention to the Internet, most of my demographic — 20something hipster white girls — are a little too enamoured with Fall to have any love left for Winter.

I guess I can see why. Fall brings enough of a temperature drop that you can put on a cute jacket, but you’re not bulking up too much. You can enjoy the otherwise utterly pointless fingerless gloves (actually with the increasingly ubiquitous presence of touch-screen phones I retract my statement). And of course, pumpkin spice lattés.


Circa 2011. Yes, it was as cold as it looks.

But consider this: Winter is just better. And I have ten whole reasons why.

  1. You look like crap, but so does everyone else. I cannot stress this enough. Yeah, your jacket makes you look like Mr. Puffy, your lips are chapped, your capillaries are purple and you have serious hat hair. But so does everyone else. And this alone makes up for the temperature.
  2. Rich, dark coloured lips. I mentioned last week that I’d finally found “my” red. But what I’m more excited about is that I’ve found a nice bold purple that I’ve been rocking all week — Pacifica’s Coconut Kiss in Blissed Out. It doesn’t even look garish on my pale white skin. And it covers up the stains I have from all the blueberry juice I’ve been drinking. But seriously, summer is all about sheer, so use winter as an opportunity to layer up on your lips.
  3. Layering up in general. What could be more amazing than having an arsenal of sweaters, blouses, tank tops and jackets with you — you’re always prepared for whatever temperature comes along.
  4. Tea and hot chocolate — together. When I went to WLU, in my second year we got a William’s Coffee Pub on campus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen William’s outside of anywhere in the 519, but I’m sure they exist in Toronto. Anyway, during exams the employees created their own custom drinks, and one was a green tea hot chocolate. I know you’re probably thinking that combination sounds like it wouldn’t jive, but trust me, I’ve been hooked for five years now. Matcha and hot chocolate is also a nice option, but it is more expensive. If you’re unsure about the green, try peppermint with hot chocolate (natural winning combo right there, am I right, ladies?) or chai with hot chocolate… but please, consider going green.
  5. Spending time indoors doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re not as big of a snow fan as I am (and trust me, I still spend plenty of time indoors in the cold months), remember just how productive you can be indoors. Yeah, cuddling and Netflix is one option, but staying inside is also a great opportunity to do something like trying out a new recipe, catching up on some great podcasts (my favourite of the moment is You Are Not So Smart) or even learning a new language on an app like DuoLingo.
  6. Toques. They’re cute and you look cute in ’em. ‘Nuff said.
  7. The Nutcracker comes to town. I’m a ballet nut (obviously), so watching The Nutcracker live on stage is pretty much a dream come true for me.
  8. Sweet and savoury foods mix especially well this time of year. I always get super inspired by warm colours and warm flavours this time of year. Like maybe sweet potatoes, black beans, kale and dried cranberries. That would make an amazing dish… somehow.
  9. It’s flippin’ soup season. Dear soup: I love you. You are cheap, you are easy to make and freeze, you warm me up, and as long as I have some broth on hand I can make you out of pretty much anything. Black beans, chickpeas, mixed veggies, sweet potatoes, tomatoes. But you know what’s better than you on your own? Pairing you with this amazing vegan grilled cheese.’
  10. My winter playlist, which I’ve started assembling already for this year. In the past, I’ve loved really relaxing, sip-tea-by-a-frosty-window music for my playlists. I think, though, last winter’s ice storm tired me out from that. Now I’m all about stuff that makes me think of bright lights, dancing down a street in a snowstorm, or makes me feel like I’m shredding on a snowboard down a mountain (please note that I’ve snowboarded, like, twice in my life).


Yes, there’s only eight songs so far — but that’s where you guys come in. What do you think will fit my “Oh hell yeah I’m excited about winter” playlist?


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