Things I’m loving lately: February edition

I was going to remark about how February just flew by and then I realized, duh, of course it did! It’s the shortest month! Apparently February 2015 was the coldest single month in Toronto’s history. Who’da guessed? Probably everyone. And as a chronic forgetter of my gloves, I admit I had a few uncomfortable walks to and from the yoga studio. But it just makes me want to walk faster!

There’s a lot of obligations coming up in March, but I’m excited for the month to get into swing — because that means that it’s over sooner! Winter officially ends in less than three weeks. Once the month is over with, I’ll be getting a new tattoo, house sitting for my parents and, of course, breaking out the bike. There’s a “winds of change” feel to the air, and I may have some exciting news to share on the blog very soon. But until that day comes, here’s my list of ten things that I’ve been totally obsessed with lately.

  1. I’ve fallen back in love with Oxford shirts, a mild obsession I had from high school (blame the fact that I wore a uniform). I recently purchased this light blue Oxford from Old Navy and I’ve tried to find any excuse to wear it. Such a classic choice. It’s made me feel inspired to maybe start a little fashion posting on this blog. Not that I’m claiming to be an expert or anything. I just like showing off what I wear!
  2. I’m a classic Converse girl, but as the spring thaw approaches and I consider my new casual shoe, I’m eying these classic Vans in Port Royale Red/Black.
  3. I re-organized my room! My project is almost complete and I’ll be sharing my makeover story with you soon. There are a few tasks left — hanging my Star Wars poster, putting up my shelf, my special wall hanging project that will remain a secret. All will be detailed on the blog once my work is complete. Anyway, I think it goes without saying that trips to IKEA count as a current obsession.
  4. I used to really, really hate ginger aside from Canada Dry Ginger Ale, but I’ll admit that it’s grown on me. My favourite way to enjoy ginger is in fresh green smoothies, like the Oh She Glows Happy Digestion smoothie!
  5. Another context in which I’m ejoying ginger ale? Blue Sky sodas. I’ve never had sodas made with real cane sugar before and had no idea that made such a difference. You need these in your life.
  6. The Financial Diet, a blog by Chelsea Fagan, has been a wonderful resource so far that has helped me make some great decisions with regards to my new apartment, job and lifestyle. Seriously, if there’s a “lifestyle blog” you can subscribe to, make it this one.
  7. Possums. Okay, I’m just obsessed with possums and have no damn idea why!
  8. I am in love with this plate set from ModCloth. I’d love to hang these on my wall. Hey everyone, my birthday is in June!
  9. I am going to Camp Kate in July! Camp Kate is an amazing opportunity for dancers of all ages (there’s camps for dancers age 5-7, 8-12, 13-18 and 18+) to learn great technique and choreography. I’ve been preparing like crazy all winter with ballet, contemporary and yoga classes. As a result, I feel friggin’ great!
  10. I’ve been on a new music kick lately and came across the album Things We Carry by Blue Water Highway Band on Noisetrade. Noisetrade is a great platform for downloading music free and legally and discovering new tunes — give it a look!

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